Aurangabad to Ellora Caves- Getting there

For any tourist visiting Aurangabad, getting to Ellora & Ajanta can be quiet a stressful or expensive affair. However if you know the right tricks and tips, you'll get there cheap and fast.

The following are the details of different options you have to get to Ellora caves.

1. Tuk Tuk (Shared)

This is by far the cheapest way to get to Ellora. Tuk Tuks can be found almost everywhere and on every major road in this city.

To get to Ellora

Reach Baba Petrol Pump - From Baba petrol pump take a Tuk Tuk to Daultabad Fort & from Daultabad take a tuk tuk to Ellora.

Cost - 20 to 30 INR for each trip.

Frequency - Every 5 min

2. Government bus

Indian government has the red buses which ply from every little village to every city. You can take a bus to Chalisgaon from the bus stand and it will drop you off at ellora on the way. The prices are fixed and will cost you anywhere between 20 - 40 INR.

The buses always leave on time and there is a bus on that route every 30min.

3.Private taxi

Private taxi can be a little expensive to rent but you have the comfort of pick up & drop facility. Also it makes more sense to book a taxi if you are 3 or more people. The cost when divided is hardly 2$ more than the public transport. You can book a cab from any of the taxi agents in town.

cost : 800+ INR per car (4 seats)

frequency: as per choice

4. Hitch-hike

If you are a foreigner and have white skin & are traveling on a budget this is an option for you. Indians are very fascinated by foreigners.

Wave your hand on the side of the road, someone will stop, ask them if they are going to Ellora, if yes, jump on their bike and enjoy a bike ride to Ellora. As a gesture of goodwill, you can buy him/her a Chaai (Tea) in return.

P.S. Solo women travelers are advised to use common sense before you decide who to hitchhike with. Do not share your phone numbers.