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An Unforgettable Overlanding and Camping Experience near Ellora Caves

As a 32-year-old woman, embarking on a road trip from Mumbai to Ellora Caves with my husband and two energetic kids was nothing short of an exhilarating tour. The journey unfolded on the Samruddhi Mahamarg, a smooth expressway that made our drive a breeze all the way to ellora caves.

Our anticipation grew as Ellora's ancient marvels loomed on the horizon, promising a tapestry of history and culture.

Upon reaching the caves, I found myself immersed in the rich heritage showcased through the rock-cut temples. Navigating the historical labyrinth with my family added a layer of joy to the experience. The carvings spoke volumes, creating a connection across generations, and the kids were enthralled by the stories etched in stone.

Our quest for a perfect retreat led us to Hiranya Resorts, a hidden gem accessible through the Samruddhi Mahamarg. The resort felt like a sanctuary, surrounded by nature's bounty.

Our cozy tent became a haven, providing a comfortable space where family moments unfolded against the backdrop of a serene landscape.

The personalized touch of the resort team added warmth to our stay. As a mom, I appreciated their attention to detail, ensuring our kids had a blast while exploring the outdoors. The regional culinary delights served at the resort became a culinary journey, awakening our taste buds to the diverse flavors of Maharashtra.

The true highlight was the resort's guided trip, where the local expertise of the team led us to offbeat places. We ventured beyond the typical tourist spots, discovering the charm of quaint villages and scenic viewpoints. It felt like a personal exploration tailored to our family's preferences, creating memories that would resonate for years to come.

Hiranya Resorts, with its laid-back Goa vibe, provided the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. The sunset hike, with hues of orange and pink painting the Ellora landscape, became a family affair, and the fishing experience at the resort's lake added an unexpected touch of adventure.

In conclusion, our journey from Mumbai to Ellora Caves, enriched by the experience at Hiranya Resorts, became a personal odyssey. As a mom, the blend of history, nature, and personalized adventures made it a trip that spoke to the heart. I encourage fellow families to consider this off-the-beaten-path adventure, where every moment is a page in our family travel diary, creating a tapestry of love, laughter, and discovery.

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