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Ajanta - Ellora
Daultabad Fort 

Looking for the perfect hotel in Aurangabad?


Everything you need under one single roof 
- Luxurious Rooms 
-Cottage Tents 
-Authentic Regional Cuisine
-Curated local experiences
-Sightseeing & Activities


Floral Arrangement 2




Cottage Tents


Deluxe Rooms


Camping Tents

Located in a lush green valley and adjoined by a lake, our beautiful property offers three fantastic stay options for all our guest . The luxurious AC rooms offer an extremely comfortable bed along with all the facilities you will ever need. Looking for something more raw? Check out our fantastic camping options, its an ideal choice for those who truly enjoy a warm campfire at night and love to wake up to the sounds of hundreds of chirping birds


Flower Arrangement 4
Flower Arrangement 4

Luxurious &


Other Facilities


We at Hiranya are committed to providing a complete one stop solution to every guest. If you need it , we arrange it.
Looking for the best hotel in Aurangabad?
Need a Ellora tour package for your group ?
Pick-up Drop?
Looking for a Gourmet Dining experience?

Other than the tour management our property also offers 
Still water kayaking
Onsite Bar
Locally brewed craft beers 
Banquet spaces
Waterfall side Restaurant
500+ species of flora & fauna


An Exotic Wedding Venue


Outdoor Swimming Pool


Custom Dinners & Dates

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-26 at 4.16.23 AM (1).jpeg

Inhouse Bar &

Craft Beers


Authentic Regional Cuisine


Animals on property

Flower Arrangement 4

Contact Hiranya

Connect with our expert team of guest handlers for absolutely anything and everything you need in Aurangabad.
For special requirements for international tour groups , educational groups, workshops and trainings, movie shoots and VIP  bookings , please write to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Write to us

Thanks! We’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Hiranya Resorts
Gut no. 12 , Adjoining Hiranya Lake
Ellora Road, Aurangabad 431001

For Reservations : 9049427222 / 9607910381

Events & Weddings : 8007958333 / 9156657642

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  • How long does it take to reach the Resort from Pune ?
    Pune is located 230km away from the Resort. Ideally if you are driving down, it should take anywhere between 3-4 hours to reach the property from Pune. We can also arrange cabs/buses for groups and can provide a complete Pune to Pune package for our guest. Please contact us if you need a Pune to Pune package . +91 9049427222
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  • How far is Ajanta and how to get there?
    Ajanta Caves are 105km away from Aurangabad city and take roughly 2.5 to 3hrs to reach. Public transport to the caves is poor and thus we advice you to either drive down or book a private cab to get there and back. Accommodation facilities in Ajanta are not the best and we recommend you travel back to Aurangabad for the night.
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Flower Arrangement 4

Are you an outdoors person?

Events in  Aurangabad!

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